Digging out from the snow in the Five Towns


Plowing and shoveling out from the third snowstorm of the winter is an ongoing effort in Cedarhurst, according to Mayor Andrew Parise, as he looked out his Village Hall office on Feb. 3 and said, "it's a lot of snow."

Up to eight inches of snow fell in the Five Towns. The roads were slippery and colder temperatures could create hazardous conditions.

Parise said that the village crews were out and continued to battle the storm that ended late Monday afternoon. "We are trying to clean up, but here in Cedarhurst it's hard because vehicles aren't always moved off the street," the mayor said.

The apartment buildings might have garages, but not all tenants want to pay that fee. He said he doesn't want to tow cars away, but then the village can only plow around the vehicles. 

The Village of Lawrence declared a snow emergency, said Mayor Martin Oliner. All residents had to move their vehicles off village streets for plowing.

After Monday's storm warning issued by the National Weather Service, a winter storm watch will be in effect from late Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon.