Bellmore-Merrick districts delay school opening on Feb. 5


The Bellmore-Merrick area's five school districts announced on their websites that they would delay the opening of school by two hours on Wednesday, Feb. 5, because a snow/ice storm was due to arrive early in the morning.

The five districts include the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District, the Merrick School District, the North Merrick School District, the Bellmore School District and the North Bellmore School District.

School officials warned that the two-delay might be longer if weather conditions are dire.

The National Weather Service was calling for a "wintry mix" on Wednesday morning, with a high hear 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the temperature was expected to be at or near the freezing mark, icing was expected on the roads. Town of Hempstead and Nassau County officials were urging extreme caution when driving.

Below you'll find links to all five Bellmore-Merrick districts:

Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District.

•Bellmore School District.

•Merrick School District.

•North Bellmore School District.

•North Merrick School District.