City Council to vote on settling Superblock lawsuit

Agreement paves way for development, and reopening of movie theater


A week after city officials confirmed that they are hoping to settle a lawsuit with the owner of the long-vacant Superblock, the City Council was expected to vote on a resolution at its meeting on Wednesday — which was rescheduled due to the snow — to settle its claim in order to pave the way for the potential development of property.

The city is looking to settle its lawsuit with iStar Financial, the Superblock’s current owner, and the former owner and developers of the property — Janow Associates LLC, Shore Road Development Partners LLC, Shore Road-Long Beach Superblock LLC, all subsidiaries of Philips International, a company owned by Philip Pilevsky, and Pilevsky himself — for $5.2 million, payable to the city. 

Claiming that millions of dollars in condemnation costs and legal fees still needed to be paid as part of its agreement with Pilevsky, in 2011 the city filed suit against iStar, Pilevsky and his subsidiaries. Last April, State Supreme Court Judge Timothy Driscoll pushed the city to settle with Pilevsky and iStar. 

“After 35 years of meetings, public hearings, planning and litigations, the city desires to settle all legal matters relating to the property known as the Superblock in order to move forward with potential development of the property,” the meeting agenda stated. 

According to the agenda, the settlement agreement, if approved, would also include the construction and installation of new sewer and water mains extending south from Park Avenue along Riverside Boulevard, and east to the Superblock. It would also call for the reopening of the movie theater on Park Avenue, which is owned by Philips International but has remained closed since Hurricane Sandy; and any additional fees and charges required by the city.

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