Collected words of wisdom for the new year

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“I hope to find new ways to express my gratitude for the many blessings I have received in life. I also intend to dedicate myself to finding new ways to help where help is needed, whether it be in protecting the environment, supporting those in need and/or caring for those animals who need caring. Each day is an opportunity for thankfulness and kindness. Whether we act alone or with others, we can do much to spread good will throughout the year.”
    —Dr. Linda Opyr, Nassau County poet laureate

“Identify something which you know little about but always wanted to know more, and pursue that interest so that you can experience the joy of learning.”
    —Alan Bernstein, headmaster, Lawrence Woodmere Academy

“We should invest in our community and our kids, and encourage each other to stay, not move. Times are tough but will get better. … We need to continue to keep the focus on our kids. ... We need to get and stay involved in our community. Stop asking when and who will do it for us. Start asking when and where can I do it.”
    —Joe Rigano, head coach, Franklin Square/Elmont PAL

“Expand your social circles, such as inviting friends, acquaintances and neighbors over for intimate and group dinners. It’s a lot of work, but it will ultimately make us happier and bring people together for unexpected good, happy occasions. Everyone likes to be invited/included too.”
    —Sarah Cohen, Chabad of the Greater Five Towns

“I wish for people to stay close to people who bring out the best in one another. Be careful of those who want to use you for their own gain through manipulation. Work together with those who want to make the world a better place, whose lives you enrich, and those who enrich your life.”
    —Jeffrey Biegel, concert pianist and composer, Lynbrook
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