Coming attractions for Lynbrook

Renovation process begun at Regal Cinema-owned theater


The long process to bring renovations to Lynbrook’s movie theatre is officially underway, and ground could be broken for an expansion as early as this fall.

Lynbrook Mayor Bill Hendrick said in December that the theatre would receive renovations that would include doubling the size of the currently 1,800-seat theatre.

“We’re very excited about the expansion … and glad to see that they’ll be expanding the theater to such a large size,” he said. “It’s the kind of growth we want to see here in the village.”

Jack Libert, the village’s special attorney for the project, said the village was so glad to see new features come to the theatre that the village board would be working with Regal and developer Blumenfeld Development Group to make sure the space’s needs would be met.

“The Village of Lynbrook, assuming everything with the zoning of the project goes as it is supposed to,” Libert said, “will be helping to ensure they have the parking space they’ll need at this bigger theatre.”

There are still plenty of steps that still need to be taken before construction can officially begin on the project. Initial plans for the site are being reviewed as part of an extended environmental assessment, which Libert said should be completed soon.

“We’re looking at the impact that a project like this would have on its area,” Libert said. “This isn’t just environmental in terms of the natural world, but what the effect would be on the area as a whole. How would parking change? How would traffic be effected? Things like that. That should hopefully be submitted by next week, or a few days after that.”

After the assessment is completed, its findings will be submitted to the zoning board next week before final changes are made to the site’s plans. After that, Libert said Regal, Blumenfeld and the village will have to work with other agencies in order to begin construction.

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