Does Kate Murray believe in freedom of speech?


To the Editor:

I believe that Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray intentionally delayed the Nov. 9 town hall meeting in order to prevent residents and press from hearing criticism of her administration.

I had attended the meeting to speak about Murray’s excessive mailing habit. So far this year, I have received 25 mailings from the town — that’s about one mailing every 11 days. I’ve spoken about the subject at every town hall meeting since Aug. 3, repeatedly suggesting that town residents be given the option to receive mailings by email.

At the Nov. 9 meeting, which lasted more than three hours, there were about 150 people, a dozen speakers and members of the press, including news cameras. When all had had their say, and I was the last on the list of speakers, I believe Murray attempted to adjourn the meeting. When I reminded her that I was also scheduled to speak, she called for a five-minute break, which then turned into a 25-minute break. By the time the meeting was called back to order, most of the residents and press had left.

Since I was the only one left to speak, I believe that Kate Murray delayed the meeting intensionally, hoping the residents and press would leave so they would not hear my criticism of her administration.

Felix Procacci,

Franklin Square