Election 2013: Town of Hempstead Council District 1

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Goosby: We need to continue ongoing efforts in community and economic development that will result in a better life for the town’s citizens. My goal is to make sure that the residents of Council District 1 receive their fair share of funding and services. This includes development of new streetscapes, repair and renovation of roads, park repair and improvement, vigilance in watching for littered lots and broken street lights, responding to housing violation issues, and continuing the building of affordable homes.

We need to continue community meetings and forums where constituents can voice concerns, ask questions and maintain an open channel of communication with Town of Hempstead commissioners, members of the police and fire departments and myself. I encourage all residents to attend Town Board meetings to voice opinions on projects up for consideration and to use online services to view the budget for the Town of Hempstead.

McCabe: There are several issues facing our district: maintaining the tax line, addressing the economic impact of Hurricane Sandy and residential business along our sea shores, local business with Hempstead-Roosevelt and improving intern program opportunities.

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