First storm of the year hits Rockville Centre

Village workers clearing streets as snow continues to fall


As the storm keeps going, so does Rockville Centre.

Though the streets were much quieter than normal, there were still some people out and about in the village. Some were driving and many were making their way through the snow on foot.

With more than 100 miles of roads to maintain during the blizzard, the village’s Department of Public Works was out plowing streets all night and into the morning.

Plows will continue to be on the roads until the storm moves on and the roads are completely clear. While village workers are busy clearing village streets, some of the larger roads in the area, like Sunrise Highway, are not in the village’s jurisdiction, and need county or town plows to come through to clear them. But most residential streets will be plowed by the village.

Remember when clearing snow to not clear it into the street. Until the roads are completely clear, stay off them unless you absolutely need to go out.