Graduation means new beginnings in Seaford


Four years of hard work has finally paid off.

Seniors at Seaford High School celebrated their graduation last Sunday at Nassau Community College.

Speakers at the ceremony offered them advice about the importance of making the most of every opportunity in the future. The students themselves, however, looked to the past as well as the future when asked by the Herald what advice they would give to younger versiona of themselves just starting high school.

“Prepare your college application in kindergarten,” said Matthew Ho, who focused on being proactive when it comes to finding a college and building an impressive application with such things as extracurricular activities. Ho, who will attend Hofstra University in the fall, said he plans to study music education and hopes to teach high school music.

Others said they should have done more homework. Still others, though stressing the importance of academics, said it is important to find a balance between schoolwork and life. “Don’t stress too much, but don’t put everything aside,” said Greg Ferrando, 17. “Grades aren’t everything. Just get through high school alive.”

Jennifer Mascaro, 18, said she maintained a similar mindset about her time in high school. “Everything always works itself, out so there’s no need to get worried about it,” she said.

Other students talked about how they valued the social interaction of high school. “If I could tell myself anything freshman year, it would be to make sure I got to know a lot of people and make a lot of friends,” said Harrison Newman, 17.

Jaclyn Suchara, 18, said she was looking forward to college as a time to rebuild and start anew. “I want to do more than I did [in high school] and come out of my shell,” she added.

In her commencement speech, salutatorian Deidre Muirhead compared the journey from high school to college with the journey in “The Wizard of Oz.” “We need brains, hearts and courage,” she said, “but can never forget where we came from.”