Island Park King Kullen is a family affair

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A number of service offerings at the new King Kullen are designed to help today’s busy shopper. For example, “Online Shopping” allows customers to place an order online and pick it up at a convenient time or have it delivered to their home. The new store also includes a deli kiosk where customers can place an order and continue shopping. When the order is ready, customers either receive a text message or are paged — whichever they prefer.

Technological advances play a key role in the design of the store as well. In addition to being raised four feet from its original foundation level — the store did not suffer any flooding from Sandy — the new King Kullen features numerous energy-efficient elements, including closed-door cases to conserve energy; use of LED lighting, which gives off no heat and requires 1/3 less energy than traditional ballast lighting; and window glass specially manufactured for energy efficiency.

“Everything we did here was with an eye on environmental consciousness and responsibility, coupled with a strong desire to create a state-of-the-art shopping experience for customers” concluded Cullen. “We look forward to serving this hard working, resilient community that so many in the King Kullen family are honored to call home.”

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