Kennedy alum’s Mafia movie to show at film expo

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Carpenter walked through the Merrick homes before shooting, and co-producer Michael Arbouet said he “knocked on a few doors” to secure the locations that the filmmakers wanted to use. 

“We wanted this film to have a very big Hollywood look to it,” he said. “We needed locations that would fit the bill.” 

John DiGangi, who plays a mobster named Pasquel in the film, owns one of the Merrick homes used in “Send No Flowers.” He said the local homes that will appear in the film work well for the subject matter –– one that he is familiar with as an actor. 

“I usually play a wise guy or a cop,” he said. “I love working on projects in this genre.” 

DiGangi said he hopes a studio will pick up the film for release. Arbouet, a Hempstead native who has won the Accolade Competition for Best Short Film and Best Director at the expo in the past, added that the creators entered “Send No Flowers” in a number of film festivals around the tri-state area. 

One Merrick resident said she would make sure she sees the film ––  Jenna Rudolfsky. 

“Send No Flowers” was partially filmed in Rudolfsky’s home, and the Calhoun High School sophomore will appear as an extra in the movie. As a member of the Bellmore-Merrick Central District’s On Tour magnet drama program at Calhoun, she said she was excited to be surrounded by industry professionals and involved in the film. 

“I was at a party with my drama friends and I couldn’t help but tell everyone,” she said during a shoot at her house. “I’m sitting, watching and learning. I’m thankful that I can be a part of it.”


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