LBPD arrests Sandy contractor

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“The victims in this case tried everything they could to resolve this matter, but it became very apparent that Silsbe had no intention of ever performing the contracted work,” Tangney said in a statement.

For months, city officials have been advising residents who are rebuilding to be wary of unscrupulous contractors who prey on Sandy victims, and are urging them to report any issues to the Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs, which has jurisdiction over all contractor issues, or the city’s Building Department. All contractors working in Long Beach, said City Council President Scott Mandel, must be licensed by the city.

“With the extensive and devastating property damage and emotion turmoil that our residents have already sustained due to the storm, opportunistic predators like this man must be brought to light and prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Mandel said. “Long Beach detectives will continue to vigorously investigate crimes of this type and the city will continue advocating on behalf of its residents until everyone comes home.”

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