LBPD cracks down on alcohol sales to minors

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When asked whether some business owners may view Project 21 as something of a set up, Vining said that the measure is considered a proactive tactic, with evidence-based research showing that such compliance checks work.

“I would assume the police hear that more, but we have offered, at least three times a year, responsible beverage service training,” she said. “That [program] is available to every off-premises merchant that sells alcohol. There are evidence-based initiatives that have been proven effective in limiting youth access to alcohol, and among those are compliance checks. It’s something that becomes the responsibility of the business owner, because they need to make sure that the people they employ check I.D. properly. There’s also the deterrent aspect of it and that’s fine. We don’t mind that next week, the Friendly Deli will think twice when it comes to training their staff.”

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