Lawrence High School closes for repair

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When school resumes Thursday, the middle school will most likely serve as the focal point, where buses will drop off students, then shuttle buses will take them to their respective schools.

Upheaval has been a huge part of the school year as the Lawrence district was closed for nearly two weeks due to Sandy, which forced the district to cut days off the winter break to make up for lost instructional time.

“Does lightening strike twice?” asked District PTA Central Council President Blasia Baum. “I think we are doing the best we can with what we have been given,” she said, referring to the temporary relocation plan that Baum thinks is in the best interests of the students, teachers and other high school staff.

There will be no parking at the middle school for high school students. Students who drive are asked to take the school bus or be dropped off at the middle school. “We thought keeping kids on their regular bus routes would be less disruptive,” Schall said.

After Sandy, Schall reached out the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach and offered use of the middle school. HALB took the district up on its offer and 200 first- and second-grade students attended the Lawrence school for nearly six weeks. Following the announcement the high school was being closed, Schall said he received calls from three area yeshivas. Space constraints and the thought that a double-switch would be more disruptive were the reasons Schall declined their offers.

“We are trying to keep things as normal as possible,” he said.

Lawrence held three informational meetings, one on Jan. 15 and two on Jan. 16 to inform district residents of the relocation plan.

"None of us are happy that we're leaving the high school, but due to the circumstances, we don't have a choice, said high school student Shana Mireku. "Personally, I'm angry at the storm, not at the actions. They are for our well-being. Because I'm a senior, it's upsetting to leave."

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