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Letters to the Editor


We support the bond

To the Editor:

We did not raise our children in Rockville Centre but moved here to be close to our daughter and our grandchildren. We have come to appreciate this community for its strong sense of family, friends and faith. We have watched it come together in the aftermath of September 11 and more recently, Hurricane Sandy.

It is now time to come together and support our schools. It is time for the pride we have in our schools to equal the pride we have in our community.  

Like so many seniors, our income is limited, but our primary concern is the health and safety of the children. We have watched our grandchildren flourish in our schools. We will do what we need to do to support the bond that the school district has proposed and we encourage you to do the same.

Lil and Joe Iannucci

Rockville Centre

It’s our money

To the Editor:

Record government debt on the national, state and local level, combined with corresponding budget deficits makes every citizen favor fiscal prudence and austerity — as long as it doesn’t affect them. The proposed 2013-14 Rockville Centre school budget is a case in point.

There are approximately 3,600 students in the Rockville Centre School District with a proposed budget of $102 million. That’s $102 million! Break it down in its simplest form, and it comes to roughly $28,000 per student. You think college tuition is costly, just wait. The difference is that with college, you won’t have your neighbors’ help in footing the bill. My children did not attend the public schools in Rockville Centre; paying tuitions for parochial education was our choice, yet I know as part of a community I am responsible to pay taxes in support of our schools.

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