Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

Oct. 18-24, 2012


Getting sewage treatment plant back in shape
To the Editor:
The work that Nassau County is undertaking for the future of the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant (“Wastewater study underway,” October 4-10) is a much-welcomed relief. Thanks to the tireless work of Legislator Howard Kopel and County Executive Ed Mangano, the millions of dollars of upgrades, enhancements and improvements have already brought the longtime scourge of our community up to standards.

  Decades of unfilled promises to fix releasing sewage into our waterways were made. Some politicians refused to take a stand, while others wanted to bring raw, untreated sewage from the Lawrence/Cedarhurst plant here. But Kopel, Mangano and I made good on promises to reverse that trend and get The Bay Park plant back in shape.

  I’m proud of the work that we have accomplished together, and I’m hopeful that the major study looking at the feasibility of constructing an ocean outfall pipeline to take the plant’s treated sewage into the Atlantic Ocean, far away from Reynolds Channel, will work, especially since almost $300,000 in funds are earmarked for this study.

  Thanks to Legislator Kopel and County Executive Mangano’s improvements at the plant, there has also not been a DEC-reportable incident in over a year and a half. That’s what I call listening to the community and making good on promises.

While the next step will be a bit more tenuous, when it’s achieved it will be another crucial quality-of-life and environmental improvement for Bay Park, East Rockaway as well as our bays and waterways.

Anthony J. Santino
Town of Hempstead councilman


Thanks for loving tribute to Glen

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