Long Island International Film Expo

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Other films high on Markowitz’s list include the aforementioned Western, “Dawn of Conviction,” a student project out of Connecticut. It follows the exploits of The London Gang in the 1880s — from their start as young men in search of gold through their careers as gun slinging bandits fighting the law (and each other), as they make their way through Dakota Territory. The film poses questions about relationships. What keeps people together and what pulls them apart? Every member of The London Gang must answer these questions and discover their own convictions.
Short films of note include the British film “Titanic Love,” which Markowitz describes as “one of the funniest films I’ve seen.” In this story, Lucy has found a Titanic Love cruise and wants to relive the Hollywood dream. Jack doesn’t, saying they can’t afford it and Lucy is furious. Their relationship hits a rough patch so Jack calls upon best friend Delroy for advice and a cheap alternative. Delroy and his trusty sidekick Jaz come up with a cunning plan that could change all their lives forever.
On the serious side, “Things I Don’t Understand” from director-producer-writer David Spaltro, is a story of changing relationships, love, life, and what comes after we die. “It is a dark film about a difficult subject that is treated very well,”said Markowitz. “It blew us all away.”
The festival continues to be about more than just screening movies Aspiring filmmakers – and those film buffs who are interested in the process of filmmaking – have an opportunity to interact with industry insiders. The schedule includes panels on scriptwriting, film distribution and financing, and a filmmakers breakfast.
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