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Thursday, May 26, 2016
Man charged with sexually abusing his pet dog
Anthony Rifilato
Christina Daly/Herald
Mariah Mills, a tenant in Marsicano's home, was in tears as she spoke to reporters outside of City Hall. She and her roommate say they witnessed Marsicano abuse the dog on numerous occasions.

Police arrested a West Park Avenue man on Friday after he allegedly sexually abused his pet dog.

Mitchell Marsicano, 55, of 432 West Park Avenue, pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges that he sexually abused the 4-year-old male dog -- a white Shibu Inu named Snowball -- on at least two separate occasions.

Marsicano was charged with sexual misconduct, attempted sexual misconduct and burglary after he allegedly forced his way into his tenants’ apartment and engaged in sexual acts with the dog.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said that on at least two occasions between October 12 and October 21, Marsicano engaged in sexual misconduct with the dog in the upstairs apartment of the house he owned. Marsicano, who lived in the basement of his home and rented out other floors to two tenants, had previously turned over the care of the dog to his tenants, who claim that he had neglected and abused the animal.

Rice said the tenants contacted the D.A.’s Animal Cruelty Unit after witnessing Marsicano sexually abuse the dog in their apartment on Oct. 21 at approximately 2 a.m. after he entered the apartment without their permission.

One of the tenants, Daniel Miller, said he awoke to the dog's “squealing” and witnessed the disturbing scene in an empty adjacent bedroom.

“Immediately I woke up and it was the worst picture imaginable,” Miller said, adding that he witnessed Marsicano on top of the dog, naked. Miller said he pushed Marsicano off of the dog, at which point Marsicano left the house. Miller said he called the Animal Cruelty Unit, and that Long Beach Police arrested Marsicano when he returned home later that morning.

Rice said the 23-lb. dog was removed from the home and underwent a veterinary exam at the Nassau Animal Emergency Group in Westbury. In a statement, Rice said that the veterinarian stated that the dog showed injuries to its legs, consistent with being roughly restrained; other injuries and conditions consistent with trauma; and was uncharacteristically skittish to being touched on its hindquarters.


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I smell a rat! I find it very hard to believe this landlord broke into his tenants home and raped the dog. The article states that the tenants had caught him doing this one time before, so the landlord would have known how the dog would react and the noises it would make. He would have known the dog would make loud noises again and most certainly wake his tenants therefore get caught in the act. I think this may be an elaborate attempt at avoiding eviction for unpaid rent.

Monday, October 25, 2010 | Report this

So DianeC you also think the Vet who looked at the dog is in on this falsh accusation?

There are sick people out there girl and this guy is right up there with the worst of the creeps, What next kids who will also be to afraid to say anything?

First he treats the dog like a piece of garbage by allowing it to go hungry and no way to move around tied up on a short rope. Then he allows someone to take over the care? I suspect he has done this many times when he owned the dog.

I hope they toss him in jail with people who do love dogs, lets see how hard he squeals!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | Report this

I agree with shibas1 here. The vet report is what I think is the most important evidence here because otherwise it becomes a case of he said/ she said.

What I find most disturbing is that the tenant Miller claims he saw Mitchell Marsicano assault the dog on a previous occasion. He claims he saw Marsicano raping the dog (it is not having sex with the dog, it is rape ) and that he was going to report the abuse, but that Marsicano threatened him. I'm sorry, but that is no excuse not to report this appalling behaviour and to leave the dog vulnerable to have this happen again.

I also find it particularly appalling that he would get charged 15 years for burglary, but only 1 year for the rape. That is NOT justice.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | Report this

Are you kidding mr Diane? This guy is nuts. Oh yeah! Maybe I shouldn't rape this dog because he makes loud noises...He rapes dogs. He probably gets off on the squealing. Why in the world would you stick up for this moron? And I also think that they should have said something the first time it was done. I'm not a big animal lover but I would take this poor dog in a heardbeat. Poor baby!

Thursday, October 28, 2010 | Report this

One comment. Mar-sic-ano.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 | Report this

DianeC then why did he plead guilty to giving Snowball a blow job and ass f---ing? He got off on breaking and entering which I think was a violent felony. He is getting sentenced today and I believe it's 6 months jail and 5 year probation. If you like Mitch so much why don't you send your kinds or nephews on a kid Limo ride with Mitchells limos his car service at www.mitchellslimousines.com.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | Report this
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