Memories of Valentine's Day


There are mixed feelings when it comes to Valentine’s Day, mostly because people feel that it’s a holiday that has to be spent with a significant other, or a “Hallmark” holiday that just makes money off the cards and gifts that are bought. However, that’s not the case at all. Even if you do have a significant other, that doesn’t necessarily mean they celebrate the holiday. Essentially, Valentine’s Day could be spent with any one you love, or care about. Aside from significant others, this includes parents, children, siblings or even friends. It all comes down to making the best of a holiday that celebrates love.

I’m sure many people have experienced at least one happy, or favorable memory from a Valentine’s Day celebrated in their lifetime. To validate this statement, we reached out to some of our LI Herald friends on our Facebook page, and a few others within the community, and asked them what their fondest memory of the holiday is.

One of our Facebook friends, Ilene, noted that her happiest memory of Valentine’s Day was “making Valentines with my friends to give to children in Island Park after Superstorm Sandy.” She exclaimed, “It was a feel-good experience for all of us!”

Cynthia, a reader of the LI Herald, told us, “On Valentines Day, in 1984, my fiancé was out at sea. My mother thought he wouldn’t remember (and he didn’t) to send anything, so she had flowers sent to me under his name so I wouldn’t feel bad. I thought it was very nice and thoughtful, even though my mother sent them.”

Cynthia’s daughter, Tori, also had a memory she wanted to share: “For Valentine’s Day one year, me and my boyfriend, at the time, were on a break. It was about 10 p.m., and Valentine’s Day was pretty much over in my mind. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door, and to my surprise it was a bouquet of flowers being delivered to me. When I read the little card, they were sent from him as a gesture to get back together. I was totally caught off guard, and thought it was very sweet.”

Another reader, Catiana, said that her happiest memory was “in 7th grade. My first Valentine gave me a rose and chocolates when I got off the bus. I felt so special.”

Her friend, Dolores, had a fond memory as well. She stated, “My boyfriend, in high school, told me he couldn’t hangout for Valentine’s Day. I was so upset. Later on, while walking outside my house, there he is, standing with a big bear and chocolates.”

Anthony, another one of our Facebook friends, commented, “Always and forever love,” and he definitely has the right idea.

Out of the various stories that were shared, each one has something in common: they all express performing nice gestures for others, whether they were on the giving or receiving end. This should be the initial idea people think of when reflecting on Valentine’s Day, because ultimately, it about showing someone your love, or doing something kind. Whether it’s making Valentine’s Day cards, telling someone they’re appreciated, or how much you love someone, it won’t go unnoticed.

Melissa Beckman is an intern with the Herald Community Newspapers.