New Vision announces candidates

Becker and Hawxhurst will contest the seats currently occupied by David Penso and Richard Clifford. Penso is running again, and former village trustee Tom Miccio has returned to the political arena after a four-year absence. Penso and Miccio are both running under the newly formed Lynbrook Pride Party. Candidates run at large, so the two who garner the highest vote totals win the seats.
Becker is the founder and president of Becker Real Estate Services Inc. in Lynbrook. He said that his support for Mayor Brian Curran factored into his decision to run for village board. "I'm looking forward to working with him and holding the line on the budget," Curran said. "We need to cut taxes and provide the families of Lynbrook with some relief."
He added that a unified, all-New Vision village board could work more effectively, which would only help Lynbrook. "We have some obstructionists on the board looking to raise taxes," Becker said. "What's happening on our board now is nonsense, and we're missing out on good opportunities."
If elected, Becker said, his first course of action would be to provide tax relief for struggling families. He said he and Hawxhurst have similar backgrounds, and both understand the struggles of small families. "I've been running my own business for 20 years, so I have a good understanding of what's going on," Becker said. "We can make a difference."
Hawxhurst, who unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the village board in 2007 as a candidate for the now defunct Independent Party, said he was approached by other parties, but felt that New Vision offered the most for the residents. "They're looking to cut down the budget and keep taxes low, and that's what I want to see for residents," he said. "They're looking for economic growth of the village, and that's important."
As an internal auditor for 20 years, Hawxhurst said his experience could serve as an asset to the board. He has worked with the Budget Committee for the past three years, and added that he knows he can help the village in hard economic times. When asked if he thought an all-New Vision Party village board could get more accomplished, he said parties didn't matter as long as the trustees made sure residents come first.
"There are certain people on the board that are posturing for TV," Hawxhurst said. "They don't have the interests of the residents at hand and are running away from their responsibilities as trustee."
Hawxhurst said his biggest concern for the village is taxes, and that Lynbrook has to learn how to do more with less, and better manage village revenue. If elected, he said, he wants to find new ways to increase revenue and reduce residents' tax burden.
Hawxhurst is a regional portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley.
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