Oceanside Costco receives board approval


The Town of Hempstead approved an application from Costco Wholesale to include a gas station and an accompanying tire store on its 13-acre parcel of land at the corner of Daly Blvd. and Hampton Road, right off Hog Island Channel.

The town board approved the dual application at its August 5 meeting, ruling that the service stations would have “no significant adverse environmental impact” on the area or the water, would not result in any significant physical alterations to the site and would not have any significant adverse environmental impact on air quality.

The board also declared that the proposed store, which is to be built on the grounds of a former oil storage facility, was “consistent with the considerations of public interest.”

Costco Wholesale also applied for economic incentives from the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency to assist in building a new store in Oceanside. The IDA had a preliminary hearing for Costco’s application on July 23, but has made no decision on the matter. The hearing lasted six minutes and was open to the public — although none of the public attended. It is unclear when Costco plans to open its Oceanside store. Costco representatives did not return multiple calls for comment.

According to meeting notes provided by the Town of Hempstead, Costco submitted an application to build on a portion of its premises three storage tanks with a capacity of 30,000 gallons with eight pumps for the proposed sale of gasoline and diesel fuel.

The application included a special exception to operate a public garage in a 6,973 square foot section of a proposed 151,000 square foot building. The garage would be used for the sale and installation of tires.

Costco, the second largest retailer in the United States, has approximately 650 stores throughout the world.