Oceanside man wins Lottery


Thirty-six-year old Andrew Noble of Oceanside is the first person statewide to claim a top prize on the brand new scratch-off game Million Dollar Winner, which was issued in April 29, 2014.

Noble, a freelance video editor, received the ticket in a birthday card from his mother. When he scratched it off and saw the automatic win symbol, he thought for sure there was a catch.

“I was petrified that someone would tell me this wasn’t for real,” said Noble.

Noble and his mother returned to the store where she purchased the ticket, Rip’s Cards & Things at 3556 Long Beach Rd in Oceanside. The clerk verified the win and Noble made sure he took a receipt just in case.

Noble put the ticket where not too many people would look. “I hid it in my record collection; somewhere between some Inca harp music and an ambient noise compilation.”

As far as what he will do with his prize, Noble says he “won’t jump to any conclusions or spend it on anything frivolous.”

Noble’s mother plans to continue gifting Lottery tickets in cards and plans to do so for her husband this Father’s Day.

Noble has chosen the annuity and will receive 20 annual payments of $50,000 each, netting him $33,090/year.

The New York Lottery’s Gretchen Dizer today presented four ceremonial prize checks worth a collective $4,000,000 to a mix of Lottery scratch-off and draw game winners. The check presentations took place at the Lottery’s Customer Service Center in Plainview.