Rockville Centre Person of the Year 2011: Drew Bogner

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By the time Bogner arrived, Molloy had morphed from an all-women’s Catholic college with nine academic majors into a coed school with more than 30 majors and graduate degrees in fields ranging from business to criminal justice. Founded by a small group of Dominican nuns, the school had come a long way since it welcomed its first class in 1955.

Bogner transformed the institution into one that is highly regarded in the local community and beyond. “I think that the most important thing is that Drew’s leadership is really the catalyst for Molloy’s success over the last decade,” said Daniel Henry, chief financial officer of American Express and current chairman of Molloy’s Board of Trustees. “That success is the academic quality and raw student experience that Molloy offers.”

The quality of student experience has become increasingly important over the past 10 years, during which Molloy’s enrollment has doubled, from 2,200 to approximately 4,400 students. And Bogner has left a lasting impression on many students.

“He’s a very friendly, warm, welcoming presence,” said Jennifer Roveto, a 2011 graduate. Roveto, who was valedictorian and student body president in her senior year, added that she had a close relationship with Bogner, which included taking part in an eight-day trip to Japan with him and a number of other students.

“He’s one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met, and I look up to him a lot,” Roveto said. “I’ve heard stories where students at other colleges don’t even know their presidents’ names, but here he is a very strong presence.”

Bogner, who also earned a doctorate in philosophy and the history of education from the University of Kansas, enjoys going above and beyond his role as president. He teaches a course every other semester, sometimes as a prelude to a Japanese trip. This spring he will teach a class on American presidents.

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