Five Towns road shaping up

Check on older or homebound residents


Village officials in Atlantic Beach, Cedarhurst, Lawrence and Hewlett Harbor said roads in are mostly clear as crews worked through Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

"We are in pretty good shape," said Cedarhurst Mayor Andrew Parise. "We started out again [Wednesday] morning and we are still out cleaning around the parking meters. The south side of the village is no problem, but the north side the problem is getting the cars off the street to plow. It would save so much work not to have to go around the cars.

"In Atlantic Beach, Mayor Stephen Mahler said: "The plowing went pretty well, the crews did a good job and we have the usual amount of icing in this weather."

Hewlett Harbor Mayor Mark Weiss said he toured the village and thought the roads were in good condition, but the village had to battle the wind and work of private plowers. "We had our road people out all night, we had sanded and salted earlier, we are in good shape," Weiss said. "The difficulty is the snow is powerdry and the high winds are pushing the snow back into the street. We are cleaning our secondary roads and we have to deal with private plowers plowing it back into the street."

Snow emergencies remain in effect for Cedarhurst and Lawrence, prohibiting residents from parking in the street to allow plows to shovel the snow.

Cedarhurst's snow emergency went into effect Tuesday afternoon and will remain until the snow is cleared, village officials said. In Lawrence, it went into effect on Tuesday at 8 p.m. and will be in effect until Thursday at 11 a.m.

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