Lynbrook school officials release non-specific warning

Investigation underway; letter posted by superintendent


An investigation is currently underway after information was discovered regarding a “possible, non-specific warning” at Lynbrook High School for Feb. 14.

Superintendent Dr. Melissa Burak posted a letter to parents and guardians on the district website Thursday about the issue asking them to speak with their children about “the importance of speaking up if they know anything about this issue or any other situation which might arise down the road.” In the letter, Burak said, “we have a strong indication that students in the building are aware who issued in the warning.”

Shortly thereafter, another message was posted stating that Lynbrook schools were closed Friday due to “the continuing hazardous weather outlook.”

Lynbrook’s emergency safety plan was enacted for Friday classes in case school was in session. An increased police presence was to be on hand and no backpacks were to be permitted. Students were to carry books by hand or in a see-through plastic bag.

On Thursday, Burak said that the high school building and its contents “are being thoroughly searched.”

Burak’s letter was taken off the district website Friday afternoon.

The Herald reached out to school administration and to the Lynbrook Police Department last Friday morning and will update the story as more information becomes available. The schools are closed this week for winter recess.