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Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Rockville Centre letters to the editor
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People often think they’re “rescuing” a puppy when they buy from a pet store, but the dogs that need rescuing are the parents in the puppy mills. The only way to do this is to stop the cycle. No responsible breeder allows a pet store to sell their precious puppies. If we all stop giving our business to pet shops that sell puppies, the inhumane mass breeding operations that supply them will eventually have to go out of business.

Karin Johnson

Rockville Centre

She’s with Kremer

To the Editor:

I never send emails to comment on articles I’ve read, but Jerry Kremer’s column (“How in the world would Republicans move us forward?” Sept. 20-26) moved me to action. He managed to make the easiest, most informed and honest statement of truth on the subject of our miserable government. The Republicans are nasty and hateful and the worst choice for getting us back on track.

I can’t believe so many Americans are buying into this hogwash of misrepresentations. I know President Obama isn’t perfect, but given all the help from across the aisle he hasn’t gotten, who knows what he could have accomplished?

Cable politics today is all about media making money on the divisiveness of our two-party system. It’s like the attention given to accident victims after a crash on the highway: Traffic is tied up for hours due to rubbernecking. Our ignorant and ill-informed population buys into the outrageous nonsense put forth to propagate this media money machine.

Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic convention (and a later appearance on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show”) was the only real common-sense explanation of what needed to be said. Thank you so much, Jerry, for being one of the truth-sayers.

Jeanne Bowe



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