Shooting star: Tina Fey in East Rockaway

Village board updates production laws for movies, T.V. filming in East Rockaway


Actress Tina Fey took a break while filming a scene from her new movie, “The Nest,” at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Main Street in East Rockaway on June 12.

The East Rockaway Board of Trustees made it easier for the bright lights of Hollywood to visit the village by passing Local Law No. 4 at its board meeting on Monday. The new law will establish protocol for production companies that want to use East Rockaway as a backdrop for their movie and TV location shoots.

At the meeting, the Board of Trustees passed Local Law No.4, which will set up a standard protocol for when outside production companies wish to use East Rockaway as the backdrop for their movies and television shows. This comes after SNL alumns Tina Fey and Amy Poehler filmed their new movie, The Nest, at the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Main St.

During his explanation of the law, village attorney John Ryan told those in attendance that “professional filmmakers have found the villages of Long Island, particularly those in Nassau County, favorable for their television shows and movies.”

As a result of this, along with the filming of The Nest, Mayor Francis Lenahan said that the village wanted to establish a uniform code to ensure that future projects would run smoothly, just as The Nest did. “Hopefully we will have more filming in the village,” Lenahan said, “the makers of The Nest worked very well with the village. This will help make sure that continues.”

The law establishes a standard practice for any future productions that will occur in East Rockaway. Filmmakers will have to submit an application and pay an up front fee, as well as any incidental costs that may occur during the filming and any insurance that is needed.