Snow day in Long Beach

Residents relax and play


Long Beach residents took to the streets — and the ocean — to enjoy the aftermath of the snowstorm on Friday.

Project 11561 challenged children — and adults — across the city to a Best Snowman in 11561 contest. Participants were asked to post pictures of their snowmen on the group’s Facebook wall. The picture with the most likes as of 5 p.m. Sunday will win a $25 gift certificate to Tutti Frutti.

Fulton Street resident Jessie Farrell said that her three boys, Ryan, Jack and Liam, bundled up and went out to have a snowball fight. On her block, a plow got stuck in the middle of the street on her block, she said, and neighbors had to help dig it out.

Some residents said they saw surfers running across the snow-covered sand and charging into the icy ocean this morning.

Point Lookout resident Donna Brown called the weather “gorgeous,” and said she took the day off work and was taking her time shoveling her Beech Street sidewalk and enjoying the exercise. “I’m going to enjoy the day, relax, cook, take a walk around town and take pictures,” Brown said. “I love to enjoy the moment.”

Others, however, insisted on going to work. Max Bialystok & Co., a bagel store and deli on East Park Avenue, was supposed to be closed today, but employee Roger Romero insisted that it open up to be there for customers. “I love the people here, and they’re so happy to see us open,” he said.

Romero said the store opened at 5 a.m., though most of its regulars came in a little later than usual. But they were surprised and delighted to see the store open, he said, and business was brisk in the afternoon.