StoryCorps comes to Bellmore Library

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Residents can hear interviews featuring Skelly, Hoffman and other participants on the Bellmore Memorial Library YouTube page. DiVittorio said she is looking to establish a “StoryCorps-ner,” a section of the library where patrons can use the computer to access videos and examine library artifacts.

On March 16, the library will show the film “Stories We Tell.” DiVittorio also said the library will take many of the historical photos that are collected through the project, enlarge them and display them as an art show in June. That same month, she said, members of Nassau Poets will read their works about Superstorm Sandy, which will also be displayed in the “StoryCorps-ner.”

StoryCorps, DiVittorio said, “is an auditory heirloom. It’s all about listening and being inspired by people or feeling that you’ve shared the same experiences as others.”

For information about “StoryCorps @ your library” and how to get involved, call DiVittorio at (516) 785-2990 or email her at

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