Triathlon Owls in Lynbrook


Lynbrook public schools, and Our Lady of Peace students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades in September were eligible to participate in the Fly With The Owls Middle School Triathlon Program.

The students participated in weekly training sessions which included swimming at the Lynbrook Pool, biking through the Greis Park bike path) and running. The program worked with students of all ability levels to achieve success in completing a junior triathlon. The 33 participants worked hard each week under the supervision of their coaches, Robert Spina Jr., T.J. Moore, Kevin Maloney, Rita Callahan, Rosemary Jones, Kathy Nealon, Darcie Tracey and Program Director, Kathleen Hannan. Kathy Papandrew, the Fly With the Owls President, also assisted. In addition this year there were 10 youth volunteers who assisted with the training each week and helped with the success of the triathlon event.

The 4th Annual Middle School triathlon took place on Aug. 1 at Greis Park. The students started in the Lynbrook Pool and then transitioned to their bikes and finished with the run. There were 29 students in the final event, and each learned how to train like an athlete as well as be part of a team.