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Thursday, May 26, 2016
‘Wife Swap’ features Hewlett family
Courtesy ABC Television Group
The Wardle family of Hewlett will be featured on the ABC hit reality show “Wife Swap” this Friday. Ed and Stacy Wardle are joined by their children, from left, Everett, Ellis and Emma.

The Five Towns will be showcased on national television this Friday night when ABC's hit reality show "Wife Swap" features a Hewlett family.

The one hour show, which will air at 8 p.m. Friday on ABC, will feature Stacy Wardle of Hewlett, her husband, Ed, and their three children.

Wardle, 45, has always been a huge fan of "Wife Swap," which features opposite kinds of families from across the country participating in a two-week-long challenge where wives exchange husbands, children and lives to discover daily life in another woman’s shoes. Wardle and her husband Ed are a huge sports family whose two sons Everett, 10, and Ellis, 6, play hockey, while the wife she swaps with, Sheila Schroeder of Indiana, embraces goth culture by decorating her home with skulls and holding regular family picnics in graveyards.

Wardle said she had no idea what kind of family she would be living with for a week and was not prepared for the goth culture the Schroeders embrace. She described skulls and skeletons being all around their house and having to take the children to a picnic in a cemetery as being "extremely bizarre." Wardle even got thrown out of the house at one point because her "husband," Eric Schroeder, did not like new rules she tried to establish such as having his four children play sports.

"It was two different worlds colliding," said Wardle. "I couldn't wait to come back to my husband."

The experience on "Wife Swap" was just as bizarre for Ed Wardle, a Point Lookout native, whose television "wife," Sheila Schroeder, made him and his children have a picnic at Trinity-St. John's Episcopal Church's cemetery in Hewlett, which will be shown during Friday night's episode. "It was crazier than I expected," said Wardle, a Long Beach High School graduate. "The things she wanted my family to do were so out there." People from the South Shore who view the show will recognize landmarks in the Five Towns and Long Beach. One scene was filmed at Mother Kelly's Pizza & Restaurant in Cedarhurst where Schroeder met some of Stacy's friends for lunch. There are also shots of Long Beach Arena, where the Wardle's two sons play a hockey game.

The Wardles decided to apply to be on "Wife Swap" last March when they received an e-mail from the show about them wanting a hockey family. The Wardles two sons both play for the Long Island Gulls travel hockey team in Syosset making the Five Towners a perfect fit for the reality show. "[My husband] thought it would be fun to do," said Wardle. "It was unbelievable."

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I watched the show last night and I really felt bad for the Wardle Daughter. Hey Wardle's how about giving her just a little attention and time. How about supporting her dreams and desires. While the Goth family is a little outputting, the Mom seems llike a real stable and even tempered person who would be a very nurturing and caring Mom. The "loser" song borders (realy goes beyond) abusive! Mr. Wardle, get a set of round ones and don't bend over so much. Your wife is far too in control.

Sunday, May 2, 2010 | Report this

wow Stacey, I don't know what to say other than that you are an embarrassment to our town. I hope you watch this episode and seek some professional help after. Did you think you were funny? You were abusive in the extreme, and it reflects terribly on yourself, your family, and all of us that live here.

The only "loser" is you, or maybe your husband for picking you to mother his children. You are raising the type of children that no one wants to be around, but perhaps that is because that was how you were raised. I can not tell you how many calls I received from people asking me "Do you know that crazy woman? Are people in your town really that self-absorbed?" You've now taken the title of "most embarrassing to their hometown on Wife Swap" from that San Francisco financial twit, and that takes some doing. Please move away.

Sunday, May 2, 2010 | Report this

Personally, if I knew I was going to be on television representing the Five Towns, I would have done something with my hair, brought some clothes that didn't look like I got them from the Floral Park Target, and acted with a little more class. For a woman that talked a lot about style, I sure didn't see any. How bad is it when a man from Indiana is wearing nicer blouses than you?

Stacey, before when you saw other "hockey moms" talking and thought it was about you, it wasn't. Now it is...

Monday, May 3, 2010 | Report this

Wow. You based all of your opinions on this family on how they dress and what their interests are. I know the family you stayed with, not real well, but i can tell you they are better people than most. After their son cut his hair, he gave it to a charity to help children with cancer. Have you done any work like that? From what i gather, you would probably just call them "losers" and tell them "they suck." Which by the way, you do... at being a human being. I agree with the above comment that calling your kids names is borderline abusive. House cats make better mothers. Your poor daughter. She seems to be the only one in the family with any talent. She deserves more attention. Your boys can't even skate. More people should be like the Schroeders and not be afraid to express individuality unlike the uppity snobs running the Wardle family.

Monday, May 3, 2010 | Report this

The show is on syndication. Good thing, because maybe people forgot how disgusting these parents have acted. Singing songs about how people suck and are losers is NOT motivational IS rude, nasty and awful. I just hope both of you know that you went on television judging people and calling them losers and weird and MOST people dont act the way YOU do...so guess what that makes you? Guess who is is being judged now? If you know people who think you are right well...like minds stick together but the reason you were CHOSEN for a show about extreme families is because your behavior is extreme. My hope for you and your husband is that you both get exactly what you put out. I hope you walked around your town and people told you exactly what they thought of you. I'll bet you went on this show thinking people would think you guys are the normal ones...heres a hint MOST people know that anyone who goes on wife swap are extreme and usually there is major disfunction. Nothing about your life is normal. I dont care how much money you make...what your kids do...what you wear...where you live...none of it justifies your behavior . You set a disgusting example for your children. It literally made me sick to watch both of you. So much so I had to find a way to tell you. I feel sorry for your children.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 | Report this
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