Councilman Tenke running for Glen Cove mayor


Glen Cove native and Democratic councilman Tim Tenke says he will be running for mayor in the upcoming November election against current city mayor Reggie Spinello.

Tenke stated in a phone call that his main concern is the financial status of the city and the burden the upcoming city revitalization projects will put on taxpayers. “I think that although the mayor is doing his job, I think it can be done better,” said Tenke. “The mayor proposed a way of paying for amenities that I didn’t agree with.”

Tenke added that “it’s been a very positive thing to get the Democratic backing of Nassau County.”

He has the support of former Glen Cove mayor and former Nassau County Executive, U.S. Rep Tom Suozzi, Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton and state Assemblyman Charles Lavine. “Having them back me and be on my side makes me feel really good because we know the future of Glen Cove is determined by what we do now,” Tenke said.

“I am happy to endorse Tim Tenke,” DeRiggi-Whitton said. “Tim has Glen Cove's best long term interests in mind. We both would like to see new development in Glen Cove, but the taxpayers should benefit from the developments, not pay the bills the developers are responsible for. We share the concern regarding the direction our city is taking.”

Tenke said he has known Suozzi for basically his whole life, as both are Glen Cove natives. “Tim and I grew up together and he has devoted a big part of his life to our hometown,” Suozzi said. “From City Hall and its finances, to the ball fields and the golf course, to the schools and our downtown, Tim knows Glen Cove and he is devoted to its success. He will give his all to work as hard as he can, and as responsibly as he can, for our future.”

Tenke plans to begin a “positive” campaign at the end of May. “I’m looking forward to getting out and campaigning and meeting people I haven’t met in the past,” Tenke said. “In order to make Glen Cove a great place to live and visit, we have to take action now while the waterfront is being built and other projects are being implemented.”