Fire commissioner races announced in the Bellmores


Hundreds of Bellmorites took to the polls on Dec. 12 to elect fire commissioners of the Bellmore and North Bellmore fire districts.

Ed Kraus, of the North Bellmore Fire District, received 408 votes and was reelected over Andrew Oppenheimer, who received 108, and William Vargas, who received 18.

John Podolski received 205 votes and will replace Robert Angrisani, who received 98, as fire commissioner of the Bellmore Fire District. Paul Zuckerberg, also challenging Angrisani, received 72.

Kraus, 35, has been involved in department for 18 years and has been commissioner for the past five. “I’d have some really great colleagues and we’ve got some great stuff accomplished,” Kraus said of his time in office so far.

He touted his accomplishments within the district, which include saving money by consolidating services. This, he added, involved lowering fuel costs by purchasing in conjunction with the Bellmore Fire District, consolidating employee benefits and dispatching services to the North Merrick and Island Park fire departments for revenue.

“If you save up and you have a good budget and good plan… it’s not a problem when you have to pay the bill,” he said.

John Podolski, 72, has been a member of the Bellmore Fire District for 30 years and was commissioner from 1990 through 2010. “I’m proud to serve the community again,” Podolski said. “My priorities are to work with the existing board and work with the taxpayers in Bellmore to make sure they have the best service we can provide.”

Editor's note: The Herald mistakenly reported that Edward Kraus Jr. is of the Bellmore Fire District and John Podsolki is of the North Bellmore Fire District when Edward Kraus is of the Bellmore Fire District and John Podolski is of the North Bellmore Fire District. The Herald apologizes for the mistake.