Incinerator demolition begins right on schedule


The demolition of the obsolete incinerator at the Department of Public Works yard on Morris Avenue began on Friday, May 5.

After Unitech Services Group Inc. completed an abatement on the roof, which was found to contain asbestos, Total Wrecking and Environmental was able to begin the demolition.

The demolition is part of the waterfront improvements the city is undertaking on the south side of the creek and will cost the city $2.1 million.

The city had operated the incinerator from 1979 through the 1980s, when there was much less public concern about the damaging environmental effects of burning waste and sewage.

After the incinerator is demolished, the nearby composting area will also be eliminated, perhaps making room for additional play areas. There are three ball fields across the street from all the industry on Morris Avenue.

Jim Byrne, the director of the Glen Cove DPW and Dan Cox, chairman of the city’s recreation commission, think the lot where the incinerator once stood may be turned into a parking field to support the three ball parks in the area.

Throughout the summer, the city is planning on partnering with Perfect Game, a baseball tournament organizer, to host travel tournaments and better utilize the city’s fields. A three-day tournament has the potential to bring in an estimated 1,500-1,800 new visitors into the city. New parking lots will be necessary to accommodate this influx of visitors from the tournaments.

Mayor Reggie Spinello and Byrne were on the scene as the demolition began.

“Equipment was mobilized, a large steel plate was moved to protect a nearby electrical switch gear box and the team began the demolition and removal of the building’s structure,” said Byrne.

“This demolition project underscores our efforts to create clean use facilities on the south side of Glen Cove Creek,” Spinello said.

Spinello added that the incinerator, which is a 300-foot-long, 250-foot-wide, 90-foot-tall building, will be demolished by the second week in August.