Mangano will not seek re-election

County executive misses deadline to run as independent


Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano will not appear on ballots this November, after he missed the Tuesday deadline to file a petition to run for another term as an independent candidate.

The Republican incumbent was indicted on federal charges of corruption in October 2016 and is still awaiting trial, but Mangano declined to step down, even after being asked to by legislators of his own party. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and so far has declined to offer any hint of his future political plans.

Mangano missed the July deadline to primary against Republican candidate Jack Martins, a former state senator and mayor of Mineola, who entered the race on April 26. Martins has distanced himself from Mangano during the campaign and stressed a need for fiscal and ethics reforms, without directly attacking the incumbent.

Tuesday was the last day on which Mangano could have submitted the required 1,500 signatures to run as an independent, according to Board of Elections officials.

In April, after being asked to step down by Republicans, Mangano defended his record and called the whole matter “election season nonsense” and “a cheap political stunt.”

“I have never been convicted of any wrongdoing,” Mangano said at the time. “For the past seven years, I have effectively governed Nassau County, and will continue to do so.”

A representative for Mangano had not responded to calls requesting comment as of Thursday morning.

Martins will not face a primary in the county executive race on Sept. 12, while Baldwin Legislator Laura Curran and County Comptroller George Maragos — a former Republican who switched parties last year — are vying for the Democratic spot on the general election ballot.

The general election will be held on Nov. 7.