Seaford resident arraigned on firearm possession, endangerment of a child

Police discover several assault rifles at Seaford home


This article has been updated to include new information made available through an official felony complaint.

A Seaford resident was arrested on July 16 at 2:20 a.m. for having several illegal assault rifles and multiple unsecured handguns in his home, according to police and court records.

According to the Nassau County Police Department, police officers arrived at 27-year-old Frankie Valenti's home on Narragansett Avenue in the middle of the night to investigate an unrelated disturbance. Upon searching the residence, officers found several illegal firearms and arrested Valenti without incident. He appeared at the Nassau County First District Court later that day and was arraigned by Judge Eileen Goggin.

According to the official felony complaint filed in the district court, Valenti had three illegal rifles, one of which was modeled after the AR-15. In an oral statement to a detective, Valenti was quoted as saying, “I knew two of them were illegal, but I thought nothing was wrong with the other one.”

Along with these weapons, Valenti was said to have had nine loaded and unsecured handguns around his house that were accessible to a minor.

Valenti was charged with three counts of criminal possession of a weapon, three counts of criminal possession of a firearm and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. His bail is set on $25,000 bond or $15,000 cash, and he is scheduled to appear again in court on August 28.

The Herald has reached out to the defendant's listed defense attorney for comment.