Seaford event to honor mother's memory


To honor the memory 53-year-old Christine Aluotto, a charity event, “Concert for Chris,” will be held at the Sunset Grill in Seaford on Dec. 16 to benefit Christine’s 16-year-old daughter Katherine.

Christine lived her life for others, according to her husband Michael Aluotto.

Christine’s side was hurting her in June so she had it checked out at South Nassau Community Hospital. That night, the doctors noticed Christine has a perforated colon. She received surgery and was then diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer — an aggressive cancer.

Michael and Katherine were helping Christine prepare to go through chemotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Both were trying to make her as strong as possible when the Cancer Center doctors told Michael, who gently shared the information with Christine and Katherine, that the cancer was too aggressive and they had no treatment options. The doctors told Michael the day before Christine’s first scheduled chemotherapy treatment. Christine

died at Memorial Sloan Kettering on August 16.

“Family was very important to her,” Michael said. Michael and Christine met in 1988 on a blind date and were in a committed relationship, according to Michael.

Katherine said Christine was kind to everyone and was a “very genuine, nice, intelligent, optimistic person. I love everything that we did together,” she said about times spent with her mother.

The charity event will run from 4 to 7 p.m. A donation of $10 is suggested.