Collected words of wisdom for the new year


After a year that will be remembered for the storm of a lifetime, the tragedy of a mass shooting, the frustration of political gridlock and continuing turmoil around the world, it’s no wonder that many of us are seeking guidance and direction as we face a new year. We asked some notable members of our community to suggest some resolutions for 2013.

“We should all agree to remember: Remember how afraid we were during Hurricane Sandy, and how hard we prayed to be spared. Remember how sad we felt when we first heard about the horrific murders in Newtown. Remember how angry we were when Israel was being attacked by thousands of rockets fired from Gaza. Remember the men and women of our armed forces who gave their lives for us. Life moves on, and we quickly forget the raging emotion of the moment, but what we really need is to remember.”
Benjamin Brafman, criminal trial attorney, Lawrence

“Have confidence in the rebuilding process and take the time to do it correctly and safely. That’s what I wish for everybody: to get back to where we were or even better.”
James Ruzicka, mayor, Island Park

“We should learn from our experiences. With Hurricane Sandy, maybe we’ll be better prepared if there is another one. A couple of years ago at a meeting, people were screaming, ‘Why do we need flood hazard insurance?’ Now we see why. We have to learn from others’ mistakes.”
Joe Baker, president, South Merrick Community Civic Association

“One of the biggest casualties of our contemporary society is patience, so we should try to be a little more patient in 2013, with others and with ourselves as well. We are all works in progress, and life isn’t easy for any of us. Let’s give each other — and ourselves — a little bit of break.”
The Rev. Mark Lukens, pastor, Bethany Congregational Church, East Rockaway

“We should resolve to teach our teenagers to pull up their pants and stop showing us their underwear. We should resolve not to enter a crowded elevator after eating garlic chicken for at least a week. And resolve not to yell back at the supermarket self-service checkout machine.”
Bobby Paiva, comedy writer, Oceanside

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