Kulanu celebrates Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month


Cedarhurst-based Kulanu celebrated its annual awareness program for February Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month.

The two-day long program involved more than 40 Kulanu students, volunteers and faculty, who honored people with special needs. Kulanu Academy has an array of services and programs that serve the needs of individuals with disabilities, and their families.

Rabbi Eytan Fiener, who, along with Shlomo Reich, and Lecha Dodi, led attendees in a special Kabbala Shabbas, organized a variety of programs, students recited kiddush and there was dancing on Feb. 3-4.

Rabbi Uri Orlian led students in praying on Shabbat morning. He also spoke about Kulanu and the work done by Rabbi Duvie Zeidel, director of Torah ‘L Kulanu.

Zeidel spoke about special needs, Kulanu’s programs and how they help the community. Jordan Scharf spoke on how Kulanu impacted his life. After graduation, Scharf created and led the Kulanu travels recreation program for adults with special needs.

After Shabbat services there was pizza, ice cream and a magic show preformed by the Magic of Alexo.