Election 2012

19th Assembly District endorsement — Port


In his first term as an assemblyman, Ed Ra was committed to lowering taxes, and he remains committed to that goal. While Ra says he wants to reduce taxes for the district’s middle class, he seems to lack the enthusiasm for bringing ideas forward. We understand that, as a member of the minority, Ra likely struggled to get legislation off the ground, but we feel that he could be more vocal with his ideas.

Gary Port, on the other hand, does not shy away from expressing his opinions. While he hasn’t yet had the opportunity to put his thoughts into legislation, Port seems well educated on the issues and has ideas moving forward. He has ideas for controlling school spending so that students benefit the most from the budget.

Both candidates speak of lowering taxes, but have yet to pinpoint how they would go about doing so. Port has ideas about developing business in the area that could use state urban renewal statutes and other funding to spur the local economy.

Port is confident in his opinions and ideas, and we believe he will have a chance of accomplishing his goals as a member of the Democratic majority. It is for those reasons that the Herald endorses Port for Assembly in the 19th District.