Letter to the Editor

A day of fun for everyone


To the Editor:

As a longtime business owner on Rockaway Avenue in Valley Stream, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in putting together the Valley Stream Community Fest, most notably David Sabatino, owner of Sip This. The day was a huge success, and I would like David to know that all of his hard work and efforts did not go unnoticed. Hopefully this will be an annual event that the Valley Stream community will be able to enjoy for years to come.

We would also like to thank everyone involved with our autism fundraiser that evening, most notably the event organizer, John Halleran, as well as our guest hosts, Mayor Ed Fare and Judge Bob Bogle. Because of their efforts as well as many others, we were able to raise almost $3,000 for two separate charities. All in all, Sept. 29 was a great day of fun, charity and community for all!

Paul Pandolfi

Owner, P.J. Harper’s