Asian Fusion, sushi or hibachi . . . take your pick!


292 Sunrise Highway, Rockville Centre
(516) 766-2554/5364 or

The owners of Masago in Oceanside have now graced Rockville Centre with a larger version — Ikura. This new Asian restaurant boasts a spacious main dining area, a four-table hibachi room, a private party room, a cocktail bar with seating, and a long sushi bar. Whether you order from the kitchen or go with sushi, items are fresh, artfully presented and, from our experience, truly delicious.

 What better way to warm up on a cold night than sipping hot sake. We enjoyed ours, served in the traditional white porcelain carafe with tiny matching cups. Ikura offers many varieties of this Japanese rice wine, plus exotic cocktails and Asian beer. Service was prompt and accommodating.

 Ten steamed dumplings — crab, shrimp, vegetable and duck-filled the Dim Sum Sampler ($10), presented in a bamboo steamer, with three dipping sauces. Chicken with Lettuce Wrap ($7) came with iceberg leaves to be filled with a mix of diced chicken, garlic, onions, jicama, bell peppers and pineapple, tossed in spicy brown sauce, topped with pine nuts.

 Ikura’s version of surf and turf — Filet Mignon & Jumbo Shrimp ($20) — was incredible. Tender marinated filet was sliced over a mound of savory Asian-style mashed potatoes. Jumbo shrimp joined a wide variety of mixed vegetables in brown sauce, scooped over a lettuce leaf. Asian Fusion (kitchen) soups and appetizers are $2 to $10, and entrees, $15 to $22.

 Hibachi dinners, served with soup, salad, two pieces of shrimp appetizer, mixed vegetable and fried rice or noodles range from $12 for all vegetables to $32 for lobster tail. Chefs put on the traditional productions, adding entertainment to a meal out.

 Sushi & Sashimi Combo ($21) was outstanding and fresh, with salmon, tuna and other fish buttery tender. Five pieces of sushi and 11 slices of sashimi joined a tuna roll amongst lovely edible garnishes. At least 50 rolls are on the menu, some quite unique. Outstanding Roll has banana tempura, spicy tuna, crunch, mango and nuta sauce. Or, try Girl on Fire, with an inside of lobster tempura, avocado, spicy crabmeat and mango topped with NY steak and eel sauce. Rolls run from $3 to $15. Sushi entrees are $9 to $50 for the Love Boat.

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