Bible school brings children together

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“All of the kids are so cute and all of their personalities are so different,” said Biegler, who is volunteering for the third year in a row. “I don’t feel like a camp counselor. I’m a friend who guides them places.”

She added that she enjoyed the international theme.

Tarquino, who has been volunteering for four years, said he likes the music classes because the songs are upbeat and share a good message.

Overall, Tarquino said vacation Bible school is a positive experience. “It gives the kids a chance to be with their friends, have time to run around,” he said, “but also have time to learn about religion.”

The week began and ended with music. On June 23, the campers were treated to a performance by the choir from the United Methodist Church in Shalimar, Fla., which raised money for Hurricane Sandy relief. To close the program the Thursday night, children put on their own musical production for their parents.

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