Big crowds, rave reviews for Valley Stream street fair

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The weather was also a factor in the day’s success, although there was some light rain in the morning. Giordano said that it was raining as he and other committee members chalked outlines on the street so vendors would know where to set up. More than 120 spaces had to be outlined four times, said Giordano, who, along with Sabatino, started working on them at 4:45 a.m.

“I was very happy to see people having fun,” Sabatino said, adding that he wasn’t surprised by the large turnout. “I was just really overcome with joy when I saw people having fun and getting to know other people.”

The committee will meet next week to discuss the festival and possible changes for next year. “Now we’ll have a lot more time to plan it, and we look forward to having more committee members help us out,” Sabatino said. “With more help, I think we can make it an even greater day, incorporate some new things and make people want to come out and have fun again.”

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