Businesses look to rebound after Sandy

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Now, businesses that had to close shop for several days have to try to make up for lost time, which isn’t easy. “There’s no way to rebound from it,” Magioncalda said of his store being closed, although, he added, he has been especially busy since he reopened. Despite his business being closed for most of last week, Magioncalda still paid his employees, and will offer half priced bagels until Nov. 15.

Pandolifi echoed similar sentiments about not being able to make up for lost days, but knows his business fared much better than others in the area. “Right now we’re just happy that we were able to get back open,” he said. “It was a nerve-racking couple of days.”

Debbi Gyulay, president of the Valley Stream Chamber of Commerce, said stores being unable to open in an already bad economy make things difficult for business owners.

“People are working as hard as they could work to maintain themselves, so those few days are huge,” she said. “I would ask the people of Valley Stream to please support our local businesses so they can make a little bit of a comeback.”

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