Clear Stream turns back the clock

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A light that shines bright

Singleton, the 10th principal in the school’s history, likened Clear Stream to a light. The celebration, he explained, was a testament to a flicker of light that sparked an idea 90 years ago to create a new school. Teachers light the way for the students through instruction and enrichment, he said, and over time, the torch has been passed to new leaders at the school.

To symbolize his analogy, Singleton unveiled a new light sculpture for the school, which uses the old stained glass windows that used to be above the main entrance. The stained glass, once a project done by teachers and students, now sits in a wooden case, constructed by the school’s maintenance staff and it lights up from behind. Singleton said it will hang in Clear Stream’s foyer to illustrate the light that shines from within the school.

Special recognition

Although he is not directly affiliated with District 30, Bill Stris was the honored guest last week. Stris, a Board of Education trustee with District 13 since 1984, was recognized for his contributions in recording the history of Valley Stream schools.

Stris published the multi-volume “Public Education in Valley Stream, New York, During the Twentieth Century” which includes the comprehensive history of all four school districts, as well as photos, newsletters and other documents. Much of that information was used by District 30 officials as they prepared for the 90th anniversary celebration.

Each district has a copy of the series, which are also available at the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library and the Pagan-Fletcher Restoration. All the information about District 30 is also now on it’s website. “You will find everything you wanted to know about Valley Stream 30 and more because of our honoree,” Stirling said.

Stris said that District 30 has a wonderful history, and the community has much to be proud of. For example, he said, the Valley Stream Council of PTAs, which pulls together all 14 schools, was started by parent leaders from District 30.

“It was an honor to receive an award of excellence from the District 30 Board of Education,” Stris said. “It was particularly heartwarming to be recognized by one’s peers in Valley Stream.”

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