Community Center manager feels right at home

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She designed the Community Center’s logo which features an interlocking “CC” and caricatures in different colors to symbolize the diversity of Valley Stream. The logo, featured prominently on the front entrance to the building, will also be used on brochures that Esposito is designing to promote the Community Center, and shirts for all staff members.

Her expectations for her staff are high — they should be warm and welcoming to all guests.

Fare said Esposito was chosen from a strong pool of applicants, but her combination of skills put her over the top. “Here’s somebody who really was the whole package for us, and a Valley Streamer,” he said. “Every candidate had their strengths. SallyAnn had multiple strengths.”

The position pays $48,000 per year, and Fare said it is being funded from the money that used to pay the Silver Threads coordinator. Overall, he said, the village is saving about $20,000 per year in salary.

Fare said that Esposito has many ideas for the future of the Community Center, and expects her to be successful as its first manager. “Her enthusiasm is just unbridled, it’s just amazing,” he said. “It’s exactly what the Board of Trustees wanted.”

Esposito, who can’t imagine living anywhere besides Valley Stream, said she is thrilled to be working in her community, doing a job where her mission is to bring her neighbors together. Even better, she explained, her office is in the park where she walks, bikes, swims and enjoys time with her family. “I’m very, very excited,” she said. “I’m retiring from here. I’m home and this is where I belong.”

Using the Communtiy Center


Valley Stream-based organizations can to use the Community Center for meeting space at no charge. The rooms can also be rented for parties and other functions. To book space or for more information, call SallyAnn at (516) 506-1989, email, or visit the Community Center's website.


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