Long Beach opens first section of new boardwalk

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Construction will continue simultaneously both east and west of the new section, with completion of the entire span scheduled for November. As the construction moves west, that area will be opened to the public. The section from just west of Magnolia to Laurelton, however, will remain closed for the time being, to serve as a staging area for the construction team.

Some people noted that with many residents still displaced by storm damage, and with the Long Beach Medical Center still shuttered, the city has a long way to go in its recovery. But officials and residents alike said that the reopening of the boardwalk signifies a comeback of sorts. “If there were ever any doubts that Long Beach and the South Shore are back, today those doubts have been put to rest,” Sen. Charles Schumer said at last Friday’s press conference. “We’re not done yet. We still have homeowners who need help. We still have [things] that need repair, but every day there is progress.”

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