Franklin promotes healthy lifestyles

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Dr. Gautam Reddy, a gastroenterologist in Valley Stream, met with visitors to talk about the importance of colonoscopies. He said that only about a quarter of eligible adults get this important test than can help catch colon cancer and other intestinal-related problems. “You always want to screen something before to prevent a disease,” he said.

Student volunteers from Memorial Junior High and Central High School greeted guests and helped them find their way around. Tony Spezio, past president of the Central/Memorial PTSA, said he likes that the school and hospital work together to put on this fair every year.

He noted that it used to be held in Franklin’s parking lot, so weather could be a concern. That is no longer the case. He said he hopes as word spreads of the health fair, turnout will increase in the future. “Anything you can do to help people stay healthy is worthwhile,” he said.

Connie Pincus, a Valley Stream resident, comes to the health fair every year with her husband. She said there was a lot of good information available, and she said she learned a few tips to improve her balance. She also took advantage of the free screenings, and said everything checked out OK.

Tullo said if the health fair makes a difference for at least one person, and based on the feedback she receives it does, it was a success. “It’s a nice feeling for me that I’m helping someone,” she said.

Franklin Hospital, located in North Valley Stream, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

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