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Although he beat out dozens of contestants and is proud of his accomplishment, Adrahtas said he is not satisfied yet. “If nothing else, to host a show like that for a year on WFAN is incredible,” he said, “but at the same time, too, I want to see it more as a beginning and not an end. It’s a chance to make your mark, a chance to impress some people and a chance to maybe take this to even a different level.”

In addition to teaching special education at South for the last 10 years, Adrahtas is the head coach of the varsity girls’ soccer and softball teams. Despite the accolades and high praise, he was coaching soccer the day after the announcement. “Teaching and coaching are jobs that bring me a lot of satisfaction, so it’s easy to get back in the swing of things,” he said. “Now I have two careers that I really enjoy.”

Scott Stueber, the Valley Stream Central High School District’s coordinator of phys. ed. and athletics, said he was impressed with Adrahtas’s performance. “He was really interesting to listen to,” Stueber said. “He showed a lot of passion, and was well informed of all the topics they discussed. I’d listen to him.”

Now that he is WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom, Adrahtas looks forward to making the most of his opportunity. “If I impress the powers that be enough that they want to use me more and I got more air time, I think that would be incredible,” he said. “This has been a dream, and if I could take it to another level, that is ultimately the goal.”

His show’s weekly time slot has not yet been decided, but Adrahtas said it would most likely be on a weekend morning, starting at around 1 a.m.

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